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Cultural and Entertainment

Business Profile

V&T Law Firm established the professional committee of cultural and entertainment industry to establish an information sharing and exchange platform, discuss the legal knowledge and cases of cultural and entertainment industry, and explore the painful demands of the industry and the legal services of new industry business. 


In the field of legal service of cultural entertainment, V&T provides high-quality legal service for TV stations, brokerage companies, film and television production, investment companies, entertainment companies, game companies, advertising companies, music companies, content creation companies, distribution companies, cinemas, new media platform, live broadcast companies and other clients.


V&T's legal services include from front-end compliance control to compliance risk control and back-end breach of contract and infringement disputes. We have established the brand of V&T's all-round legal services in the "cultural and entertainment" industry and promoted the benign development of the industry.



Our legal services include:


  • Legal services for film and television development and production
  • Third Party Supervision Services for Film and Television Projects
  • Film and television promotion and distribution legal services
  • Online and offline performance legal services
  • Performer Management and Operation Legal Services
  • IP management and licensing services
  • Live broadcasting and live streaming legal services
  • New media commercialization business legal services
  • Cinema investment and operation management legal services
  • Equity investment and financing 
  • Financial and taxation services
  • Cultural and entertainment-related rights and dispute resolution