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V&T Performance|V&T Became the Contracted Data Merchant of Shanghai Data Exchange

Recently, V&T signed a data merchant (service provider) service agreement with Shanghai Data Exchange and formally became a contracted data merchant of Shanghai Data Exchange. With this opportunity, V&T will work with Shanghai Data Exchange to build a data element market with the participation of multiple subjects. It will cultivate data trading, quality evaluation, compliance evaluation, asset evaluation, security audit, delivery service and other data business ecology with Shanghai Data Exchange, and jointly build a legal, fair and credible data trading order to promote the high-quality development of digital economy. Based on its own business needs, V&T will use the relevant services provided by the data trading platform of Shanghai Data Exchange to trade data products or provide other data trading services for data merchants.

Shanghai Data Exchange is promoted by the relevant departments and institutions of Shanghai Municipal People's Government. It is an important functional institution to promote the circulation of data elements, release digital dividends and improve the development of digital economy. The Shanghai Data Exchange provides efficient, convenient, compliant and safe data trading services for data circulation and transactions, while guiding diversified entities to increase data supply and cultivate and develop new business models of "digital business". It strives to build the "four beams and eight pillars" of the national data exchange in 3-5 years to achieve the goal of "converging the world's data to make it accessible, and gathering the world's data to utilize it".

The lawyer team led by lawyer Zhang Feng, partner of V&T, successfully promoted this cooperation. Zhang Feng's team has helped China Bond Rating's One-Stop Data Product to be listed in Shanghai Data Exchange. After signing the contract, it will offer advice and professional guidance for Shanghai data circulation transaction, and provide one-stop compliance service for data transaction subjects.

As a flourishing business field, V&T’s digital law practice has been focusing on theoretical research and practical exploration of cutting-edge digital law. In the process of service, it has carried out in-depth cooperation with many regulatory departments, famous platform enterprises, technical service institutions and operation institutions in the field of emerging information technology and digitalization, and has rich resources in the fields of digital technology, digital finance, digital industry and digital law.

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